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Southwest Airlines Helps Hurricane Harvey Pets Find New Homes

Dorathy Gass

Disasters can bring out the best and worst within the human race, and a recent story coming out of Dallas has warmed everyone’s hearts; especially those who love their fur babies. Hurricane Harvey swept through the Houston region, devastating the lives of many. While first responders worked hard to help evacuate women, children, men, and the elderly, what some don’t realize is that there were a lot of domesticated animals left behind in the ruins of it all, desperately looking for aid.

Still, Southwest Airlines to the rescue! The air carrier recently used a jet of theirs during the plane’s final flight prior to retirement to transfer a cabin filled with cats and dogs. Over 60 furry friends were brought to safety from the Houston region, with the rescue team ensuring some were stowed in the foot space of the plane’s main cabin or buckled into seats.
That had to have been a heart-warming flight!

Travelaweek advised that they’re partnering with the Helen Woodward Animal Center, an organization based in California, volunteers were onboard to help the poor animals reach safety. All the cats and dogs received medical treatment on arrival, prior to placing the animals for adoption.

Still, its important to note, the flight was donated by Southwest and their employees gave up their time to assist with this animal rescues. However, this isn’t the first time these two organizations have teamed up to help rescue animals after a disastrous storm has hit: Southwest and the Animal Center came together in 2012 during Sandy’s crazy aftermath, as well.

Hopefully these animals will find loving homes soon. The cats and dogs had been living in animal shelters after their Hurricane Harvey evacuation and are undoubtedly ready to find their fur-ever home (somewhere in San Diego, that is), soon.