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Snake Found In Hard Drive By TSA At Miami Airport

Dorathy Gass

While the 2006 flick starring Samuel L. Jackson, Snakes on a Plane, ended up being a campy movie that was a bit of a flop, who knew that life would imitate art years later.

Well … sort of!

Reports recently surfaced that a snake was found at the Miami International Airport (MIA), carefully placed within an external hard drive that was packed away within a luggage.
A python to be exact.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) spotted the snake when the luggage hit the baggage screening room. The officials found something of an ‘organic’ matter within the bags, and bomb agents were asked to look into the hard drive. While the python was clearly not explosive, the good news is that people cannot try and confiscate anything these days when it comes to baggage security screening areas and the snake was found. The United States’ Fish and Wildlife Services were asked to help with confiscating the animal.

In the end, Travel and Leisure reported that the passenger that placed the snake in the hard drive and then loaded the reptile in their luggage missed the flight they were supposed to get on and were fined accordingly.

Sari Koshetz, TSA representative stated that while the officials noticed the mass inside the electronic, and it was not an imminent threat in terms of terrorism, the interception of the snake did mean that a wildlife threat on the aircraft was avoided. She added that many animals can escape their confinements, chew through wires, and cause devastating results. She also noted that turtles and snakes are not allowed to go through TSA security, and do not fall under emotional support animals by a majority of air carriers; thus, it is best that these reptiles are left at home.

Maybe Hollywood movie makers can think up a sequel to the Snakes on a Plane movie? Maybe Pythons At MIA? Has a ring to it