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Snake Found On An Alaskan Commuter Flight

Dorathy Gass

No, this isn’t an article promoting the sequel to Samuel L. Jackson’s 2006 (somewhat ridiculous) film that pitted crazy snakes found on a plane. Interestingly enough, this story is stemming from a recent real-life situation that occurred during an Alaskan commuter flight.

CNN reports that the Ravn Alaska flight, 90 minutes in total, heading to Anchorage from Aniak, was interrupted about 15 minutes into take off, after the pilot informed flyers there was a snake on the plane.

One would naturally assume that all chaos may have broken loose, but thankfully that was not the case. In fact, of all people, the heroes in this story ended up being a little boy and a flight attendant. Shortly after the pilot made his announcement, a boy in the last row of the plane, who was flying with his mom, located the slithery creature behind him, as per a passenger on the flight who stated this to a media outlet. The passenger also relayed that the pilot of the flight and an attendant took care of the situation almost immediately after the snake was found.

In fact, the attendant simply located the snake, picked it up, and placed the reptile in a plastic bag. No ophiophobia, to deal with there.

Nice that everything was handled quickly and efficiently, without any harm to the passengers or snake for that matter … but how did this situation come to be in the first place? Well, apparently, another traveler on the plane decided to bring the snake onto the flight. A huge violation of policy and something that is not allowed.

Did the passenger get a slap on the wrists for doing this? That is not clear and there are no reports around any repercussions for the snake-loving flyer, however, the good news is that the flight did land on time and safely to its Anchorage destination without any further disruptions.
Samuel L. Jackson would surely approve.

(Photo Credit by Aviation Tribune)