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Smart Travel Must Have Items For 2015

Jaclyn Hughes

Are you a frequent flyer or someone that travels often for pleasure? Then listen up, as this list of new products may help your future flights be a lot less painful. The travel gurus at CNN configured a top list of the newest products to hit the travel industry and they’ve covered all the common blunders that passengers are seeking, such as smarter ways to charge your devices, and luggage that is technically advanced.

Smart Luggage- The new product; “The Planet Traveler SpaceCase 1” is making headway as the James Bond of all suitcases for the everyday traveler. With features like fingerprint unlocking, speakers, GPS tracking, and powered by a sleek lithium battery, it is no surprise that packing this luggage will turn heads at the terminal. How about a suitcase that is built with a digital scale on it so no longer do you have to hope you didn’t over pack before checking in your bags. Not surprisingly, it comes with an app to run congruent with the case, and is going to be retailing at $700.

USB Charger- One common complaint of most jetsetters is that they can never get a system down that allows them to travel without having any charging issues for their numerous devices. The Andiamo iQ is luxury luggage that packs a techy punch, featuring the ability of a USB charger, remote locking system, scale, and even a way to alert you if the suitcase has been stolen. The iQ will be retailing for $599.

Smart Tracking- There is nothing more disheartening than waiting at the baggage claim area for your luggage and you can’t seem to locate it. LugLoc is a device that tracks your bag, and for only $70. There is an accompanying app for your smartphone that runs $7 retail, and it allows the user to track their luggage through GSM and Bluetooth data. When your bag comes down the baggage chute, it can even alert you that it is near and ready for you to pick up.

GeoTrakR- You can’t have a travel device top list, and not have anything new coming out from the Samsonite people, as they have been one of the top luggage brands for decades. They’ve designed luggage that has the tracking built into the bag, and it is so smart that it can tell when the bag is in flight and shuts itself off to not disrupt avionics. This line will be available retailing from $280-$400 this summer.