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Smart Tips for Traveling Hostel Lodgers

Hostels are not just for the backpacking college kid anymore; no they definitely have a growing fan base due to their dirt cheap rates and small rooms opening up all over the globe. If you’ve never stayed in a hostel before, they are basically set up like college dorm rooms. It’s a room with a bunch of beds packed inside that lodgers can utilize the showering facilities, maybe wash their laundry, and often have a small kitchen at your disposal for your stay.

Like most things, hostels may equate different establishments in various countries. For example, in India they may be referring to a hostel as a boarding school, even though they do offer hostel-style accommodations they may just be listed under a different word. Hostels are popular in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and in larger cities across the United States such as New York. These establishments are ideal for just finding a place to crash for the evening, or if you need to catch some rest or wash your clothes in between a massive traveling spree. They are by no stretch resorts, or even hotels. You will be sleeping in a room with total strangers, sharing bathrooms, and so forth.

To keep from annoying your hostel neighbor, or avoid them annoying you; try these tips:

  • Schedule your packing, showering, and laundry needs not during primetime hours. Everyone will make a mad dash to use the showers, or wash their clothing in the mornings or at night. Avoid all that waiting nonsense and do yours during downtimes. Don’t be the guy packing your goods at three in the morning either; try to be respectful by getting your bags set the night before.
  • Be mindful of others in your space; be cautious of using your phone too loud, put it on vibrate if possible during the night when your roommates are sleeping. Remember that you are not at home and others may not have any desire to see you in the buff! Cover up, try to be quiet and respectful of others in the same space.
  • Some things you just can’t do anything about while staying hostels; if you’re not a deep sleeper, it’s wise to take some eyeshades or earplugs. Between both of those, you shouldn’t be too bothered by your neighbor’s sleeping habits.
  • Don’t leave your items around to be stolen; even though this doesn’t happen everywhere it does happen. It is best to take your showering products with you each time you need to use them, versus leaving them for others to use at their disposal or to take them for themselves. Same theory with your clothing as many ladies especially have had bathing suits taken or shoes they left hanging about the hostel. These people are not your loved ones, and you don’t have to share.
  • Most experienced hostel users generally use them to get in and get out. Go out and explore the city you are in until it’s just about bed time, then go back to your hostel and crash for the night versus trying to entertain yourself or having to hang out with your neighbors for hours each night.

Hostels are awesome for young travelers, and those seeking a frugal trip away from home. Always check out photos online first, before committing to any lodging payments that you may not be returned if you don’t like the venue.