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Small Pub Touted As World’s Best Restaurant

Dorathy Gass

When people think of the ‘best of the best’ as it relates to restaurants around the world, one might think said establishment is located in New York City, Las Vegas, Paris, London, or any other big city known to draw in tourists and travels across the globe looking for some incredible cuisine.

Still, you may be surprised when it comes to the winner of a TripAdvisor poll recently, when a family-owned British pub in England won the prize of ‘best restaurant’ worldwide, spanning from an international poll of tourist reviews on the travel site.

Located in Oldstead, North Yorkshire, The Black Swan is a country pub which gathered millions of reviews on TripAdvisor, based on positive opinions from clients who frequent the establishment, over this past year.

Run by Tommy and his brother James Banks, the pub has a Michelin star. In fact, head chef Tommy became the United Kingdom’s youngest Michelin star winner at 24 years of age.

CNBC reported that Tommy relayed in a statement that the award is a huge honor, and what made it that much more special was that it came from customer feedback.

TripAdvisor stated that this ranking of establishments is unique as it was collected via client feedback versus a judging panel. The website calls The Black Swan a ‘tantalizing’ trip for taste buds. It also stated that the establishment is a true box of delights. Black Swan’s tasting menu goes for about $125 each person, if you are ever in the area and want to check out the ‘best’ restaurant in the world.

Rounding up the top five restaurants, as per TripAdvisor, are: The Black Swan at number one; Great Milton, Oxfordshire’s (UK) Belmond le Manoir at second place; France’s Maison Lameloise in Chagny hits third; France’s L’Auberge de I’lll in Illhaeusern; and fifth place goes to Spain’s Martin Berasategui in Lasarte.

A nice little list to keep on hand, should you find yourself in one of these towns and looking for a bite to eat.