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Singer Detained At Passport Control Thanks To Looking ‘Too Young’

Dorathy Gass

It’s always so flattering to be told you look younger than your actual age. That is, unless you are flying and are detained at passport control due to your youthful looks. Such is the situation that singer Natalia Dzenkiv, who is also known as Lama to fans, was in recently in when she got stopped and questioned at passport control. She was flying back home from a trip to Turkey.

The Mirror reported that Dzenkiv was taken back when officials began grilling her. Still, it turned out that they thought she may be using another’s passport, because while Natalia is 41 years of age, she looks quite younger.

Who knew taking care of yourself and having great skin could cause so much chaos?
Unfortunately, it did for Dzenkiv, who was thought to be 20 years younger by passport control officials. They naturally suspected that she was trying to use someone else’s passport to illegally enter the country.

While startled at first, Natalia commented on the incident stating that she began laughing when she realized the reason behind the detainment. She added that she is used to getting compliments on her looks, but never imagined it would be a reason behind an arrest.

Thankfully it was fame (and fans of hers) who came to the rescue, as Dzenkiv could not prove her identity in any other way. A fan had recognized her, as well as other people in and around the area, who came to her asking for autographs and selfies while at passport control.
Thank goodness for overbearing fans!

As such, she was released and allowed to go through.

But seriously … what is the secret to Natalia’s ageless beauty? One fan chimed in stating it was her vegetarian diet of only veggies and fruits.

Great reminder to never skimp on the salad at dinner time! Unless you worry about passport control detainment that is …