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Shark Snatches Dog Off A Sydney Beach

Many people love to take their dogs to the beach, but a recent incident turned a fun day out in the sun into a living nightmare when an American Staffordshire Terrier was grabbed by a shark along a beach in Sydney.

The dog’s owners had decided to take a walk across the shore, innocent enough, and threw a stick in the water for the pup to retrieve. What happened next left the couple horrified: as they watched their little pooch get dragged under the water by a shark.

The rescue dog, named Molly, was actually snatched by a shark that was only some feet from Bonna Point Reserve shore. It is being reported that the shark was 3.5 meters in size and was said to be bull shark.

The pet owners sat their traumatized, as there was nothing they could do to help or save their beloved pet. As per the owners, the dog was approximately five meters from the shore when the shark grabbed her. They added that the incident happened very quickly, where the shark took her underwater and was never seen again.

MSN reported that the incident has prompted warning signs that have been erected on the beach, informing the public that there are sharks in the area.

In a statement, the NSW Department of Primary has been advising the public to avoid surfing or swimming in twilight hours when it is dark. They are also advising the public to use the app SharkSmart, where there are tips around safety for surfers, divers, spearfishers, snorkelers, and swimmers alike.

Sadly, other reports have arisen in recent weeks around shark sightings in this region, including a video that was recorded on February 9th showing a kiteboarder heading near a great white. This was in Botany Bay’s Brighton Beach. Then just days later a photo captured two people running across shallow waters as a big shark was swimming past them in the foreground. Recently, a great white was also seen ten kilometers inland near the Sydney Airport at the Alexandra Canal.

Travelers and visitors to the area should be aware of these sightings and advisories to not only be on guard, but plan their trips and activities accordingly with the precautionary activities listed above.