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What Sells The Most At Airports?

Dorathy Gass

One would think that souvenirs would top the list as items ‘most sold’ at airports, or perhaps some goodies from the duty-free shop; but in the end, travelers are just interested in some good ol’ fashioned water, and maybe s little snack.

In fact, regardless of the fact that bottled water is quite highly priced at an airport, it turned out to be the top-purchased item across America in Hudson’s travel stores.

North America’s largest travel retailer, the Hudson Group has close to 1,000 stores in terminals and airports. As such, the corporation recently revealed the top ten items sold in 2015, and the top winners are splashy; with eight out of the ten spots being awarded to beverages.

It certainly doesn’t hurt that thirsty flyers do have liquid restrictions when approaching security, and it seems as soon as they past that point, they are ready to dive in and get hydrated! Differing varieties of bottled water grabbed spots one through five – with the Dasani 20-ounce bottled water filling up the top spot and the Dasani one-liter bottle hitting number three; Glaceau Smartwater gathered a good portion of ‘the most-sold’ items with its 20-ounce bottle at number two, one-liter option at number four, and 23.8-ounce bottle at the five spot. Diet Coke, and regular Coke hit spots six and seven, respectively; with Coke Zero grabbing the ninth spot on the list.

What else do flyers yearn to buy at the airport? Chocolate, as it seems, and the news: as M&M Peanuts hit number eight, while the Wall Street Journal grabbed the tenth spot on the list.

CNN reported that the travel retail business is certainly nothing to snuff at. In about a decade, this market has grown over eight percent annually. In fact, as per the Fung Business Intelligence Center, the travel retail market worldwide was estimated at over $63 billion in 2014, and it is being estimated to hit $85 billion, within four years. The continued increase in growth for this industry has been linked to the rise in travel and tourism, thanks to the rise in air travel being so affordable to the masses. Further, United Nations’ World Tourism Organization states that international tourist arrivals rose by over four percent last year, hitting an all-time high of 1.2 billion travelers.

Interestingly enough, according to the 2015 Moodie Report, Dufry a Swiss-based and U.S.-owned company was named the globe’s highest travel retailer; generating over $5 billion in 2014. Hudson’s is a subsidiary that is wholly owned by them.