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Save on Your Holiday Travel Plans Now

Jaclyn Hughes

Looking into your holiday travel plans? Now is the time to get going as prices typically raise each week from October 1st, until the Christmas holiday. Traveling to see your friends and family is usually a must at the end of the year, and the airlines and hotels know this. For this reason, they can essentially charge what they want due to the customer demand. There is nothing worse than trying to book the family trip to Grandma’s house for the holidays and upon surfing the web for a good deal you realize that you can no longer afford the flight prices for the whole family. Always shop as early as possible, and here are some additional tips on saving money getting in your travel plans:

ABC News reported that experts have done the research on travel booking and they have found out that if you shop online for airfare on Sundays (versus the old school thinking of doing it on Tuesdays) that shoppers can get the best deals. If you can’t hop online on Sunday, then Saturday is second best for the lowest prices. Tuesday is still considered a good idea, but it has slipped to third place in the cheap flight rankings.

How much money can you save by shopping on prime deal days? Roughly $50-150 depending on the travel plans. That’s quite a savings and totally worth it to book flights on the aforementioned days! Whatever you do, do not book travel plans in hotels or flights on Mondays; this day is well known to be the most expensive day of the week to try to gather travel bookings. The reason for this has been noted due to the thousands of business travelers that have to quickly book trips for work, or book trips to fly home from business plans both domestically and abroad. If that many people need to get somewhere, the demand creates the justification for the airlines to hike up the rates. Not exactly fair, but it is what it is.

Can you still get good holiday rates now? Absolutely! Just be certain to do your research so that you don’t simply buy the first travel deal you see. Always look into the packages as well as these are gaining more popularity as well offering hotels, flights, and some meal packages all in one.