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San Francisco Airport Wowing Travelers With Therapy Pig

Dorathy Gass

For anyone who owns a pet, then you can understand the joy and happiness that animals bring to the lives of those around them. Which makes it no surprise that LiLou, a sweet little piggy that makes her rounds at the San Francisco airport, is making such huge waves on social media right now. The therapy pig is gaining fame around the world for simply making travelers happy at the airport, and one look into that pudgy face, it’s no wonder why people are going hog wild over the animal.

LiLou is known for her calm demeanor, joyful ways, and of course, her incredible outfits; that range from pilot hats to pink tutus … not to mention those beautifully-colored painted nails. The goal of the Juliana-breed therapy pig is to help ease any fear that some flyers may have around traveling and of course to help cheer up the frustrated or grumpy flyers. And it seems she is nailing her job like a pro. She is the newest addition to San Francisco’s ‘Wag Brigade’, a team of animals at the airport (including rabbits, cats, and dogs) who look to shed a little bit of light to those who may be uncomfortable or struggling with flying; whether that be due to stress, fear, or just fatigued with the entire process.

Still, Travel Week reports that despite the extensive animal team, LiLou has the bragging rights around being the first pig to join the brigade. Turning two next week, the she can wave to travelers with her snout, stand up on her back hooves, and play a toy piano. Donning a ‘pet me’ badge, when she’s not at the airport, she visits local senior’s homes and hospitals in the area, spreading her cheerful message. Reports indicate that her airport gig is a once-a-week duty.

If you can’t see her in person, then follow her on social media! Yes, this adorable little pig has her own Instagram account at @lilou_sfpig.

If only everyone could embrace the heart and attitude that LiLou has, we would all live in a cheerier and happier world. As it seems, it is good to be a pig these days.