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“Riding” Luggage May Be Newest Travel Trend

Dorathy Gass

For those who travel a lot, you may want to ditch your rolling-wheeled luggage, for good. If you thought those handy dandy contraptions made flying easier; perk up, and continue reading.

CNN reported that an entrepreneur based out of Chicago is on to something huge, and it may simply knock you off your feet (literally). It’s a ride along carry-on. Forget about pushing or pulling your luggage through the airport; simply sit on a Modobag, and enjoy the ride.


Yup, Kevin O’Donnell, creator of the Modobag, has come up with something where flyers can sit on their luggage, as they make their way through a terminal and to plane. Thanks to an electric motor in the back, speeds can go up to eight mph.

O’Donnell notes the invention was not developed to promote laziness, rather to help with ‘life efficiency’.

So, how much does this luggage sell for, you ask? Well, each bag costs a cool $1,000, and is being sold through an Indiegogo campaign. The luggage is also the perfect size, to be carried (and stored) on just about any airplane. However, O’Donnell’s vision for the Modobag was that it could be used for far more than just flying.

He advises that it can also be used for those who work in an office, during the commute train ride, or for larger events and conferences. In fact, O’Donnell boasts about using his Modobag while biking in Chicago, and running errands.

And the incredible wonders of the Modobag do not stop there. With a battery power that last for approximately eight miles, set there on purpose due to FAA’s 100-watt hour limit, the battery was kept that length, in order to ensure that flyers could take in on an airplane. Still, O’Donnell reassures everyone that the electric motorized carry-on does have a charger, and that within a mere 15 minutes, it can charge to 80% battery capacity; so, we can all breath a sigh of relief, and be confident that the bag won’t leave anyone stuck, even in the largest of airports.

Additional features include a memory foam seat, that can hold up to 260 lbs; as well as controls on the luggage, with a handbrake and throttle.

It’s taken two years of working full-time on this project for the idea to finally come to fruition, and O’Donnell came up with the concept at … well, you guessed it, during an airport jaunt, as he was lugging his suitcase around.
The good news is, Modobag seems to be big hit, and just might be the next big trend in travel, with the luggage’s Indiegogo campaign hitting its $50,000 goal, within 48 hours; and still has the rest of the month open for additional sales.

The company will start sending bags to clients, come January 2017.