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Richard Marx Unsung Hero During Korean Air Flight Disturbance

Dorathy Gass

Singer Richard Marx may not think he was a hero, but his heroic acts certainly helped when it came to a recent disruptive passenger aboard a Korean Air flight, where Marx helped the airline crew subdue the man.

Travelweek reported that the singer, famous for his song “Right Here Waiting”, along with wife Daisy Fuentes, known for her MTV VJ stint, documented the entire ordeal via social media sites Instagram and Facebook in December, on the cusp of the 2016 holidays. Fuentes posted that Marx was the first to assist when it came to restraining the man onboard and Marx scrutinized the airline’s staff for not subduing the man in proper fashion.

Quoting the Incheon police, a report coming from the Yonhap News Agency stated that the flyer was South Korean man, 34 years of age, who became intoxicated after two and a half glasses of hard alcohol while flying the friendly skies. For four hours, the drunk man was reportedly attacking other flyers and airline staff.

The incident was confirmed by a spokesperson at Korean Air, Cho Hyun Mook, and took place during a flight that was to go to Hanoi from Seoul. The company also established that the pictures that landed on the singer’s Facebook page did indeed occur during the flight. The spokesperson also stated that while the incident is still being investigated, it seems that airline employees took appropriate company policies when reacting to the situation.

Marx hopped on social media later on with an update, letting his fans know that he and Fuentes were safe and sound at home. He also noted that he didn’t feel like a ‘big hero’, rather he did what he hoped anyone would do in the same circumstance.

The good news is, it seems the airline carrier is heightening security measures as a result, which will include an increase when it comes to training staff and sanctioning wider guidelines when it comes to Taser gun use onboard. In the past, Taser guns have only been approved for serious situations that involve flyers and airline crew. A statement that has been released from Korean Air recently stated that the company has decided to enhance the conditions and procedures around Taser guns to help deal with violent acts and conflicts on board in a more efficient and timely manner.