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Resorts Can Be Fined Up To $10,000 USD For Hidden Fees

Dorathy Gass

Going on vacation can be expensive enough! The flying costs, food, not to mention accommodations. And what about those hidden resort fees for those with destination packages? They are running rampant these days when it comes to top travel spots like Las Vegas, Florida, Hawaii, and areas of the Caribbean. Still, a Hawaiian agency aimed to protect consumers seems to be willing and ready to place a spotlight on hidden resort fees, with an interesting move that could battle these hidden fees amongst other travel destinations.

Travelweek reported that The Hawaiian Office Consumer Protection agency is stating it is currently holding an investigation around resort fees that are charged by hotel operators as one aspect of an effort nationwide to restrict hidden resort fees.

It is being reported that Hawaii, as well as the regulators on a federal level, are looking to crack down on hotels that place resort fees on a client’s tab without full disclosure when charging travelers.

It’s important to note, resort fees are charged to cover amenities that include telephone services, gyms, access within business centers, as well as other things in and around the resort. These fees within Hawaii resorts can range from $10 to $40 USD each night and are sometimes not added to a standard room rate when searching out options online.

The Executive Director of Hawaii’s Office of Consumer Protection chimed in on this issue stating that a hotel could be fined for a maximum of $10,000 for each hidden resort fee violation if it is proven to be deceptive or unfair. With the number of guests in and out of any resort on any given season, that could really add up and affect a hotel’s bottom line.

Here’s hoping that the threat of violation and charges help when it comes to those hidden resort fees. Regardless, potential travelers need to be aware of them, as the fees can really dig into one’s travel and vacation budget.