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Recent Study Shows Americans are Using Travel to Look for Love

Jaclyn Hughes

Sometimes you just need to get out of town to find a new person to enjoy spending time with as hanging out in the same places can get very monotonous. In a recent study posted by Travel Pulse researchers consulted with Americans and were able to identify the places they were most likely to travel to in search of a companion.

Over 1K people were interviewed for this study, and some of the results may not be all that surprising.

37% of those surveyed reported that traveling to Los Angeles provides the most beautiful prospects

34% chose Paris, which is well known as one of if not the biggest travel destination for love and sparking romance

32% opted for Rome – probably not only due to the attractive locals, but also because the city is stunning and exudes romance in every way imaginable

For those that didn’t score so well on the “attractive dating poll scale”-

Istanbul ranked 26%, Seoul came in with 25%, and Hong Kong sat at 24%

I personally would take these findings with a grain of salt though, as to each their own as far as feeling attracted to someone is nothing but a matter of opinion.

A lot of relationships tend to seem a lot more magical than they really are simply due to the surroundings, which basically means- if you’re in a new relationship with someone and you’re on a gorgeous island somewhere it is going to seem more in depth than those trying to date in town that suffers from poverty or horrible weather; that’s just common sense.

For those that have recently got involved in a relationship, researchers found that those interviewed were more likely to take a trip within the first few months of dating. Only 14% of those interviewed were likely to take a trip with someone they have only been dating for a month or less. The biggest percentage; 36% were willing to take a trip with their significant other only if they have been dating for a year or longer.

Looking for a place to get engaged? These are the most popular places:

Paris- 46%

Rome- 40%

Barcelona- 22%

New York- 21%

Sydney- 20%

It’s good for the soul to get out of town and see the world. It also can’t hurt your relationship to have some time to just relax and enjoy one another’s company in a city you’ve never been to before. Look into booking your summer romance trip today!