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The Reason Behind The “Disney Point” Revealed

Dorathy Gass

There are fans of Disney World all over the globe, ranging from age two to 92, heading to the theme parks multiple times in their life (and multiple times throughout the year). There’s just something about the characters, the food, and the magic that has Disney fans yearning for their next visit to the resort.

The Insider recently reported that despite the fact that there are many out there who have visited Disney World ten times over, there are also those who don’t know (or even notice) a huge pointing rule when it comes to the theme parks’ cast members; which is, that Disney World employees never point with only one finger.

Strange, right? Guess you’ll notice this the next time you go!

In all seriousness, Micaela Garber from the INSIDER, a native of the Orlando state and someone who spent one summer as an employee of the resort, recently revealed that Disney World cast members are required to point with two fingers – or an entire hand – which is something referred to as the ‘Disney Point’.

Garber explained that in some culture, a one-finger pointing is rude and offensive, it is also thought to be impolite in Europe. Meanwhile, when it comes to a considerable amount of African nations, one-finger pointing is only made at objects that are inanimate and not ever at people.
So, the ‘Disney Point’ rule for employees makes complete sense. After all, the theme park welcomes visitors from differing parts of the globe and no one wants anyone to be offended while at the ‘happiest place on earth’.

Still, a local legend states that the ‘Disney Point’ may have originated from the big man himself, Walt Disney. According to Garber, Walt was often photographed with the two-finger point as he strolled around Disneyland, before it was finished.

So, there you have it. Something new to try and pick up on next time you visit Disney World resorts; whether that be for the 100th time, or the first!