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Ready To Book Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans With As Little Stress As Possible?

Jaclyn Hughes

It’s here! The most popular travel week of the year, with the Thanksgiving holiday quickly approaching in just a few days, millions of people are looking for the best travel tips to get through the busy week seamlessly! AAA recently revealed that over 48 million Americans are going to be traveling across the country, making 2017 the biggest travel season since 2007!

One of the biggest tips travel agents can provide is to purchase all of your reservations in one go. Renting a car, booking a flight or a hotel, are reportedly the cheapest way to go if you bundle purchase them all! In a recent article on the Today website, travel pros are also suggesting that if possible, you book your flights to be on Thanksgiving Day, and also on Black Friday if your schedule allows. Believe it or not, there are less people traveling on these days, because they would rather travel on any other day than those big ones, but if you only need to be in town with your friends or family for the big Thanksgiving meal, this is a totally doable plan, and one that can save you hundreds.

If you’re looking for a secret getaway that will not hold you up inside any big airports, then experts suggest to travel to Hawaii, or Atlanta, as both of these airports apparently have excellent reviews for travel times during the Thanksgiving holiday week. Some cities to avoid would be San Francisco, Denver, and Dallas.

Some other commonly practice tips are to stay with family or friends to save money on pricey hotel room costs, and to always get travel insurance where applicable. You never know when the airport may lose your luggage and this extra step in coverage can pay you back in full for any lost or damaged items during such a crazy travel week.