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Qantas Gives Staff List Of Words To Refrain From Using

Dorathy Gass

The number one rule for any company is that the customer is always right. That’s why speaking to clients and ensuring to avoid anything that might be deemed offensive in this day and age is vital for any brand, especially within the competitive world of airlines. So, it shouldn’t be any surprise that air carrier Qantas recently provided its employees with a ‘gender-inappropriate’ list of words to refrain from when speaking with clients.

News Hub reported that the entire idea around the list is not only to avoid offending flyers, but fellow employees as well.

What are some of the verbiage included on the list? Well, anything that is deemed gender-specific, such as ‘love’, ‘honey’, and ‘guys’. The list also encourages to use the word ‘spouse’ or ‘partner’, versus ‘wife’ or ‘husband’. In addition, Qantas employees have been instructed, via the list, to refrain from using the words ‘mom and dad’ and go with ‘parent’ or ‘parents’, as not to alienate any LGBT families that may be either working with the company or flying with the airline.

The list was released on the cusp of the brand celebrating its ‘Spirit of Inclusion’ month. Qantas has also raised awareness with its staff when it comes to language around the history of Australia.

Assigned information packages were given to Qantas staff, which outlined that the Europeans’ arrivals described as ‘settlement’ when it comes to the country’s history is more of England’s perspective than Australia’s. Instead, the pack advised that the words ‘invasion’, ‘colonisation’, or ‘occupation’ should be used, rather than ‘settlement’.

The package also enlightens staff around men speaking over or interrupting women, referred to as ‘manterruptions’, and is against the act.

The information pack, which was organized by the Diversity Council of Australia, stated that the company has a proud and long history when it comes to inclusion promotion within society, their clients, and people; including the support of gender parity in business, marriage equality, and indigenous issues.

Looks like Qantas has a taken a proactive step when it comes to ensuring all staff and clients feel at ease, respected, and safe when traveling the friendly skies with them.