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How To Protect Valuables On Carry-Ons

Dorathy Gass

CNN recently reported a story where hidden cameras at Miami International Airport revealed that baggage handlers were actually stealing valuables out of the luggage of passengers on a plane. It’s a scary world out there nowadays, where nothing is scared, and there is an unfortunate need to continually work at protecting valuables … even when travelling.

What is considered valuable these days? Well, the obvious cash, traveler’s checks, jewelry, and technical devices hit the top of the list. However, for those travelling on business, contracts, USB memory sticks, and a work laptop (regardless of age) might be considered priceless. Then you dig into deeper issues like, what if an author or musician was travelling with original manuscripts? A historian who had an incredible artifact in their luggage? These are certainly items that are precious and need to be protected. Then there are the mundane items, which may seem of lesser value, but would cost a huge disruption in your travel if you lost them like: travel documents, identification, and prescription medicines.

Here are some tips on how to protect those invaluable items, while travelling to your destination spot:

Just Say No To Luggage – As many have learnt from the CNN story in Miami, when you pack valuables into your luggage, you potentially expose them to theft. Theft aside, when you pack these items into your luggage, there is also potential that the airline may simply lose your luggage, and the valuables you packed in them might be gone for good. Some items can be replaced – other things simply do not hold a value and are priceless. Save yourself the headache, and just refrain from packing these items in a luggage piece that you intend on checking in at the airport.

Staycation – While there are some items you need to take on vacation (i.e. travel documents, ID, and prescription medication); there are other things that can simply stay home. Skip packing expensive jewelry and reach for less costly pieces to accessorize outfits with. While many can’t live without their electronics, or may need them for business travel; if they aren’t necessary for the trip, it might be a good idea to leave them at home, and take a little break from technology while you are away.

Carry On … Carry On! – There are things, some travelers simply cannot leave home without. In these cases, some choose to place valuable items in their carry-on luggage, so these pieces are close by as they fly. However it is important to remember, your carry-on luggage needs to be compact enough to fit in the over-head storage compartment above your airplane seat … so you can’t pack everything. Still, smaller electronics, important jewelry, cash, and traveler’s checks are all great items to place in a carry-on luggage.