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Prince Harry & Meghan Markle Secretly Honeymoon In East Africa

Dorathy Gass

The entire world watched the fairytale wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weeks earlier, and while Markle is from Canada, reports are indicating that the newly married Royal couple have snuck away to East Africa when it came to their honeymoon trip.

Sources indicate that Markle and Harry are enjoying the sun while away, embarking on ‘outdoor’ adventures, and have even gone on some safaris as part of their first vacation as a married couple.

The honeymoon location for Harry and Markle was a private one, so don’t expect the Palace to officially confirm their whereabouts. In fact, Kensington Palace has already stated that Harry and Meghan’s trip is a private one, and that they wouldn’t be sharing details with the media. The couple offered much of their special wedding day with the public, and they now are looking to enjoy a little private time together.

Despite no confirmation on the East African honeymoon, sources do say the trip makes sense, as Africa was where the couple fell in love and have vacationed before they got engaged; it also happens to be where the Prince purchased the center diamond for his love’s engagement ring.
Reports state that the Prince has a deep love for Africa, and it is a region where he feels at ease. In fact, the couple have been very interested in exploring more countries in Africa than they have not already seen, which is probably something they have been excited to do while on their honeymoon.

A honeymoon is such a wonderful travelling experience for any newly married couple. Whether the duo is in Africa, Canada, or a beach in the Caribbean, here’s hoping they are having a relaxing and wonderful time. After having the entire global watching their every move during their wedding, this is their time to embark on new adventures as husband and wife, on their own terms.