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Portugal Offers Best Quality Of Life Worldwide

Dorathy Gass

For those thinking about retiring and moving on to a life of good living, you might want to consider Portugal. As per one of the biggest global surveys offered, Expat Insider 2017, the southern European nation is where it is at, ranking it as the country with the best quality of life worldwide. The networking group InterNations rolled out the Expat survey that represented 166 nationalities, 188 territories or countries, with over 12,000 participants involved.

Respondents were instructed to provide info and rate work and life when it came to 64 countries thought of as pivotal destinations. To garner an overall ranking, numbers within the surveys were evaluated via 43 factors, some of which included: ease of settling into the country, healthcare, cost of living, as well as quality of living. The subindex around quality of life included health, well-being, safety, security, travel and transport, as well as personal happiness.

Portugal received the highest score, ranking the country at number one. Other nations to hit the top five, respectively, include: Taiwan, Spain, Singapore, and Czech Republic. Meanwhile, Japan hit the sixth spot, Austria the seventh, Switzerland was at eight, Costa Rica hit nine, and Germany rounded off the top-ten list, when it came to the best of the best around the world and quality of life.

As per the survey, reported that over 90 percent of respondents were pleased with living abroad in the number-one ranked spot and Portugal also hit high numbers as one of the easiest regions worldwide to settle within. Eighty-nine percent of participants said they are overall happy with their life, work-life balance is positive, and were pleased with the nice weather, kind people, good food, and beautiful places to go and see, that this country offered.

So, there you have it folks! If you are looking to quit your job and head into retirement, or even if all you are searching for is a summer home; Portugal seems to be where it is at.