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Popular Travel Trends for 2015

Jaclyn Hughes

There are several new concepts popping up all over the world to intrigue travelers; some ideas to make visiting abroad even easier, and some just to get to see the world in a more frugal manner.

Flights – If you’re American or Canadian there will be no major changes in domestic airfares in 2015. There will however, be lower fares available for those seeking to fly internationally. For example, there are excellent rates to fly to the United Kingdom in early spring this year, as well as better than usual prices for Australian traveling.

European Traveling is More Affordable – If you have ever been to Europe it can be pricey once you have converted your native currency. Financial experts are saying the value of the Euro and the Pound are decreasing when compared to the American dollar. This will come in handy when booking your hotel arrangements, dining overseas, and even renting a car there.

Airline Credit Cards – Travelers typically either love or hate the airline credit offers, but they can often save you hundreds, even thousands depending on how much flying you complete each year. For 2015, look forward to many money saving flights and travel packages coming available to travelers. Tons of dirt cheap flights on domestic trips flying to and from secondary cities throughout the United States for those cardholders.  Cash in your mileage rewards as well for an even more affordable flight deal.

Credit Card Changes – The newest trend is using a chipped credit card  even though it ins’t widely popular in the USA or Canada just yet.  This is the most widely used method of consumer payments overseas, but not yet mandatory in the states due to the increased cost it requires to produce the chipped cards. A chipped card forces the payee to input a PIN when they swipe their card. It’s a safer form of shopping because card fraud is lower seeing that they need your PIN to use your account.

Comfortable Flights – Many airliners are disclosing they have changed the method in which they pressurize their planes to now a much lower elevation footage. Once the flight has climbed to a few thousand feet now the air quality and pressurized changes will take effect for the passengers. For those that suffer from various breathing ailments such as asthma, and lung or respiratory issues, this can mean they can now fly whereas they couldn’t before the pressurizing upgrades.

Rental Car Rates – The cars you pick up at the airport will be seeing an increase in price, but just a minimal one. While this is frustrating, knowing that fuel prices have gone down dramatically over the last six months somewhat balances it all out.

Lodging – Hotel prices will probably never go down for nightly rates, but you can get some incredible deals now if you scour the internet. Couponers across the globe are surfing the net for coupon codes to utilize during the online booking process. Some savers have found deals for over half off of their nightly rate with a simple promotional code. Hotel companies are seeing the rise in coupon use, and creating even more ways to get connected with new customers by posting deals on coupon sites and Facebook pages.