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Plan on Spending a Fortune if You Want to Fly to the Superbowl

Jaclyn Hughes

Well, the anticipation has died down and the wait is finally over with the playoffs ending- you now know the Seattle Seahawks will be playing the New England Patriots in the big game. The Superbowl is set for February 1st at the University of Phoenix stadium in Glendale, Arizona. There is always going to be thousands of folks flying into the designated Superbowl town, but this year it seems as if it is more expensive than usual.

The silver lining is that there are still several flights with open seats that you can hop on to get your football fix in. The bad point is that it is going to cost you a massive markup of some estimated 80% to purchase your flight. Normally during this time of year flights to Phoenix are unbelievably cheap, but obviously knowing several thousands of fans will be shelling out the airfare no matter what the cost, the flight industry is capitalizing on it.

If you’re seeking a nonstop flight, odds are you’re out of luck for that particular weekend; unless you wish to make a weeklong trip out of it then you could get nonstop flights into Phoenix. You’ll have to settle for connecting flights, and it could cost you a whole day’s worth of time just flying from stop to stop. Some flights on the main travel discount websites such as Expedia and Kayak are showing flights that are stopping in Los Angeles or other cities out of the area that will add a few hours onto your overall flying experience.

Some tips to get on the Superbowl flights and get your trip reserved:

  • Depending on where you live now you can drive from several cities to get to Phoenix
  • Buy one way tickets instead to get cheaper rates from multiple airlines
  • Fly half the journey and drive the rest in a rental car
  • All else fails take trains or buses to get there, it’ll take longer but it’ll also be affordable
  • Book hotels that aren’t within close proximity to the stadium {Ex: Avondale, Gilbert, Goodyear}
  • Do look on Craigslist for renting someone’s apartment for your stay versus hotels for deals
  • View the packages that have your tickets, hotel, and often meals and parking all included

Remember that even if you don’t find a feasible deal that you can afford today, to continue searching through next week. Teams are issued tickets that are in the final stages of the playoff contention that once they are eliminated from the winning Superbowl teams, throw their flight tickets back into the pool for public purchase. Also, keep in mind where you’re traveling to. It may not be the dead of summer in Phoenix currently, but it is the desert and you do need to drink water more than usual to stay hydrated and not suffer from any allergies while there. {An important tip especially for those traveling from wet climates such as Seattle} Google the towns that are within 20 miles or even further from the stadium without hesitation as Phoenix doesn’t suffer from a massive rush hour issue for those looking to get into town to the stadium.

Good luck with your search and don’t forget to wear your team colors in support of your city!