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Plan Your Last Minute Valentine’s Day Getaway!

Jaclyn Hughes

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and couples around the globe will be seeking some type of plans to celebrate their love for each other. Whether you’re looking for a casual night at home, or something extravagant; there is still time to book your last minute love day activities!

  • Scour the web for deals; don’t be in a rush as it may take you a solid thirty minutes to find what type of venue you had in mind. If travel is what you’re after look into Southwest airlines as they generally have super affordable rates. Rental car prices can be found on Avis they too have good prices, even last minute.
  • Look for the package deals! Many find awesome package deals on hotels and dining combos by signing up for travel alerts from all of the major trip planning websites such as Kayak, Orbitz, and Hotwire.
  • Skip the traditional hotel room! Look into the newest craze in lodging by opting for a home share. Check out the Homeaway company that rents out all sorts of housing plans :
  • Hit the road! Have you seen the fuel prices lately? They are awesome, so use it to your advantage and take a cruise to a nearby city and go exploring for the day. You can still book a swanky romantic dinner there and surprise your sweetie! Look into wineries, rock climbing, skiing, and surfing, anything that you wanted to do together and have been putting off. Now is the time to be tourists and create a wonderful bonding trip.
  • Even if shelling out the cash for a romantic getaway isn’t in the cards for you, just recreate the moment at home instead. Put some flowers up, get some new bedding, draw a bubble bath, or buy some romantic movies. Think outside of the box, if your partner likes to go bike riding, then plan a day doing that, just be sure your activities include something for you both to enjoy.
  • Meet up with other couples? Have a couples Valentine’s game night? There are tons of love-themes games to play for couples to enjoy and laugh over. Have some appetizers and themed cocktails ready to go and you can put a fun twist on the holiday!
  • If your loved one can’t get away from work that day to celebrate but you still want to do something special, then take the love fest to him or her at work! Pack a lovely lunch or dinner, take flowers along or a card that expresses your feelings to them. Surprise them with a thoughtful gift like something you had monogrammed for them, homemade cookies, or a gift card for a day of golfing or a spa day. Anyone would appreciate a surprise visit like that!
  • Create a tradition to do every year on Valentine’s Day! Go take a horseback riding day then have a relaxing dinner at a winery. Get tickets to a show you both enjoy, a comedy club, a sports event, or a theatrical show. Each year you can go do something charitable like participate in a local race, work at a shelter, or donate your time at a local hospital.

Valentine’s Day is about being with the person that is special to you, it doesn’t have to consist if spending a fortune on expensive jewelry or going out of town. Make the most of your special weekend by focusing on each other versus on material items.