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How to Plan a Caribbean Vacation

Nora Hughes

If you want to get away this year and enjoy sandy beaches, warm ocean waters and picturesque sunsets, then there aren’t many better regions to visit then the Caribbean. After all, the Caribbean consists of many, popular tourist destinations, some of which include the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and Costa Rica, among many, many others.

While the good news is there’s no shortage of flights to the region and great vacation deals, it’s important to plan your trip carefully, so you don’t wind up disappointed. So, here are some tips on how to plan a Caribbean vacation, and ensure you have a fantastic time.

Choose Your Vacation Time Wisely

Although you may have a certain month in mind for your vacation, it’s a good idea to consider whether that’s the right time for a Caribbean vacation. If money is tight, then you might want to avoid going from January through March, as that’s typically the region’s “high season.” The beaches and hotels will be much busier at that time, and so, rates won’t be as cheap. But, if you really want to avoid the freezing cold up North, then heading to the hot Caribbean in the middle of winter, may be the best time to go!

All that said, keep in mind that August, September and October are considered to be the peak months for hurricanes.

Shop Around for Flights and Hotels

You can find some great vacation deals and cheap flights to the Caribbean online, but be smart, and don’t jump on the first one you find. Be sure to research the airline and hotel before you book anything, and read plenty of reviews while you consider your options. If a vacation package is really, really inexpensive, it could be because the resort is outdated or because it’s received plenty of bad reviews. Saving money is always nice, but if you don’t enjoy your trip because you stayed somewhere really cheap, you may end up regretting it.

You should also look into all inclusive deals, which if you’re on a tight budget, could be a great way to save some money. That said, it’s a good idea to see whether the accommodations you’re considering offer the types of food and beverages you’re hoping to enjoy. In addition, some hotels and resorts cater to more mature guests, while others are more family friendly.

Research Activities

If you’re hoping to have an active Caribbean vacation, rather than a relaxed one at the beach, then be sure to read up on what type of activities are available. Some resorts and hotels offer plenty of things to do like golf, scuba diving, and boat tours etc, while others don’t. Some might not even have their own private beach for guests.

Or, if you’re interested in learning more about the local culture and history, then you may want to stay at a hotel that offers tours of the communities nearby.

Read up on the Country

The Caribbean receives thousands of tourists every year, and is generally speaking, a very safe and enjoyable place to visit. That said, before you book anything, be sure to do find out about what’s currently going on the country you’d like to visit. If the resort you were thinking about staying at was recently hit by a hurricane, then it may not have all the amenities you were hoping for.

It’s also wise to do some research and talk with a physician to see if you need any vaccinations or medication for your trip. You don’t want to spend your Caribbean vacation lying in bed sick!