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Pioneer Woman’s New Hotel Booked Solid

Dorathy Gass

Ree Drummond (better known to fans as the Pioneer Woman, who’s unique blog on down-home cooking has earned her fame, fortune, and a Food Network show) recently dived into the world of boutique hotels, when she opened her own in Pawhuska, Oklahoma – her hometown.

Although if anyone is thinking about jumping into their car for a road trip and checking the place out … they might be sadly disappointed. The eight-room hotel called The Boarding House, which boasts ‘cowboy luxury’, is fully booked from now until October, with sparse availability in the early months of 2019.

It seems that fans of the Pioneer Woman who registered early via an email list were given a head start on booking by one week. Drummond would launch the opening of the hotel on April 12 through her social media platforms.

Still, for those interested, the Boarding House has eight suites with each having a neat theme such as the Emerald Room, Tack Room, and the Drugstore Room; each room encompassing a differing design and decorated flawlessly to meet the statement they are supposed to make.

Fans of the Pioneer Woman followed Drummond as she wrote about the hotel building on her blog and social media sites, asking fans for advice on designs here and there.

In just over a year and half, the Pioneer Woman has turned her small hometown of Pawhuska (population 3,500) into a bucket-list tourist destination for some. Two years ago, she opened a deli-bakery-general store called the Mercantile, in which she and her hubby spend four years renovating a building that was a hundred years old; something she also chronicled on her blog.
PW fans have trekked from across the U.S. to dine at ‘The Merc’ as some call it, only to head to Ree’s family ranch located outside the town to take in the view of ‘The Lodge’; a guest house that is also the production location for her show on the Food Network.

In addition to accommodation, CNN reported that those who stay at the Boarding House have exclusive access to the Merc and can bypass any waiting line, where some patrons will wait hours upon hours for a chance to eat there.

The Pioneer Woman first started her blog in 2006 as a way to share recipes, and document life on a ranch and raising (plus homeschooling) four children). Since that time, she’s released five cookbooks, a memoir, a children’s book series, a line of home products at Walmart, as well as a magazine published quarterly.

So, what’s her next project?

The P.W. Steakhouse and Saloon, opening later in 2018, which will be located next to the Boarding House. It will offer event space, as well as reservations-only dining.