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Pink KitKats Now In The United Kingdom

Dorathy Gass

KitKat fans may be flocking to the United Kingdom (UK) as a pink variation of the chocolate bar has recently been unveiled in this part of the world.

Not only is the KitKat pink, but the manufacturer of the sweet treat, Nestle, also boasts that the rose-colored chocolate bar has an organic fruity flavor attached to it, as the product has been colored naturally; with ruby cocoa beans found from Ecuador, Brazil, and the Ivory Coast. The new chocolate bar was the idea of Barry Callebaut, Swiss chocolatier, and has been project that has taken about a decade to come to fruition.

The pink KitKat officially debuted in South Korea and Japan this past January and as of April 16th, it is currently on the UK chocolate market. Interestingly enough, KitKats are very popular in the Japan, which touts a variety of gourmet options when it comes to the chocolate bar, ranging from sushi KitKats to green tea options. Why such the rage in this neck of the world? It’s all about the name, which sounds quite the same as ‘kito kato’ the Japanese words for ‘to surely win’.

While it has experienced success in its debut markets, the uniqueness around the pink KitKat in the UK means it’s coming home where the chocolate bar originated. It’s also the first time the ruby chocolate (in all its pink glory) will be available in KitKat’s legendary four-piece format.

CNN reported that while there are KitKat fans who don’t reside in either the UK, Japan, or South Korea, perhaps it’ll be worth the trip to any of these destinations to check out the interesting berry taste that this organically pink chocolate bar has to offer.

For those who live in the United States, it appears that the ruby KitKat is slowly and surely making its way to America, with sources indicating that it should hit the U.S. in coming months.