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Are You Picking the Wrong Travel Companion?

Jaclyn Hughes

Travelling is an incredible way to learn about the world; to heal a broken heart; to find out more about who you really are; and to grow immensely as a person. All too often though, we book travel plans with the wrong people and end up paying for it greatly. You know that friend or coworker you have that always wants to be included in your plans? That person may be a great pal to have around for Sunday football games, but opting to hop on a plane around the globe may not be ideal for your friendship.

You have to obviously choose someone that you enjoy spending time with, but don’t feel obligated to make this companion your significant other. Couples need trips away to bond, but they also need to be individuals as well. Some married couples purposely take vacations without their spouses because they know they just don’t travel together well. If this sounds all too familiar, then you’ve already surpassed the first step of picking a travel mate that you know you will have little to no drama with.

The Huffington Post recommends picking someone that will keep your best interests in mind as well. By this I mean, a friend that knows your limits, wants to keep you safe whilst traveling abroad, and someone that will call you out if you start losing your noggin. Picture this scenario; you’re on the flight to Australia from the states (a very long journey) and at some point during the flight your plane starts to experience turbulence. Do you want to be on the plane with that friend that instantly worries about everything, or do you want to be sitting next to someone that calms you down and makes the best of the situation? Same theory applies to friends that love to get all hyped up over a flight delay. Life happens folks, and you don’t want to be waiting around an airport with that friend that can’t just take things as they come. Instead, take the friend that says “Well, looks like we have extra time, let’s hit the bar or do some shopping”.

Do not travel with the guy that ditches you at the club. This goes for men and women. You know the friend you have that you make plans with, then they find some chick they like and leave to go to another bar with and you spend an hour perusing the club looking for them until you go home angry? Why on Earth would you want to be in a foreign country playing “Where’s Waldo” with your mysterious pal? Not the best of ideas.

Finally, always take someone that enjoys watching you grow as a person or someone that has the ability to push you in the right direction. Think of someone that goes with you to skydive, or someone that encourages you to try to local cuisine when you don’t want to. That person is a fantastic option for travel. Good luck with your search, and take your time when seeking the right travel partner; you won’t regret it!