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Peak Bagging Gaining Momentum

Nora Hughes

Want to climb the highest points across the US? Well, a group of ‘hikers’ are doing just that and it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

Peak Bagging involves finding the highest area in the state and ‘climbing’ it. In the west coast the peaks are incredibly high while some of the ‘highest’ peaks in the Midwest and East are often hilariously low.

Peak Baggers is gaining momentum across the US. “If you’re a true peak bagger … if that’s your mindset, then getting a state high point is a worthy goal,”

This comes from one of the experts in the field. Greg Slayden runs the website which documents everything from the highest summits, peak lists, different hikers and the ability to create an account to chat with other Peak Baggers and log your own activity.

If you’re a hiking enthusiast this is the site for you.

Slayden told CNN that often the high point in a state is a 10 minute walk from your car. The 442 foot summit near Wilmington, Delaware is one of the states with a modest highest peak. A housing area is nearby and Slayden jokes that a family near the peak sees the ‘hikers’ often.

The most interesting page on Slayden’s site is a listing of the Most Remote Spots in USA Wilderness Complexes. This listing comes with a detailed map and view of the terrain for over 50 different locations throughout the US. also has an App and a full listing of interesting peaks in various places in the US.

A goal of many peak baggers? Check them off of the list, just like Slayden has done.