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Passenger Given Sandwich With Expiry Label 10 Yrs Out-Of-Date

Dorathy Gass

Most people are not fans of airplane food, but a recent incident involving an easyJet passenger may have many turning up their noses! The traveler on the flight was given a sandwich that was labelled with an out-of-date expiration label … ten years to be exact!

At the age of 59, Adrian Bell and his wife Lindsey, aged 42, were coming home to the UK after vacationing in Zante. The husband ordered a cheese toastie and saw that the date on the sandwiches label read June 16, 2007 … over a decade past its expiration. He instantly notified the crew when he saw the label, where one attendant responded back with the idea that he should be charged more as the sandwich was an ‘antique’.

According to Bell, the crew stated that no other passenger had complained about the sandwich, despite the fact that the label read: 16/06/2007. Bell stated that despite complaining to crew, attendants continued to serve the sandwich to others and therefore he began telling others on the plane.

The Sun reported that Bell also stated that he wrote easyJet customer service about the incident, but they didn’t have an answer for him. Bell claims that it would a hazard serving the sandwich as the company wouldn’t be sure just how long it was frozen for.

Still, Bell did note that the sandwich was ‘tasty’ even though it was over cooked.

The air carrier has since responded to the incident stating that the sandwich had not been left a decade sitting around, rather, it was an error in labelling. Makes sense. An easyJet spokesperson has relayed that the company has looked into the matter and their in-flight partner was able to confirm that the cheese toastie sandwiches were okay to serve and within their expiration date limit. The spokesperson went on to relay that it was clearly an error in print and the company is surprised that anyone would come to any different conclusion.

We’re surprised that Bell still ate the sandwich, despite noticing the crazy expiration date on the label …