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Paris Tourism On The Rise After A Hard Year

Dorathy Gass

Paris tourism has a lot to celebrate as of late. After a decline that has lasted about a year, sadly due to terrorist attacks on the beautiful city, as well as floods, strikes, and labor protests gone wrong; Paris seems to be showing some revival when it comes to visitors traveling to the area. Which is very good news for the city and its residents alike.

As per some 2016 numbers coming out of Paris’ regional tourism committee, the largest decline around the city’s tourism came in the form of demand for their hotels as it relates to travelers from Italy, China, Japan, and Russia. However, other tourist attractions have seen a decrease in guests as well, including: Disneyland Paris, Musee d’Orsay, and Louvre Museum. In fact, it is being reported that these landmarks have declined between nine and 13 percent in 2016. As per the committee’s estimates, tourism-related revenue has had an overall drop of over six percent, which also equals out to approximately one billion euros.

Sadly, many travelers around the globe have shied away from Paris last year, which is a city that falls on many people’s traveling bucket list. One of the major reasons is listed above; the attacks that occurred in late 2015, where cafes were targeted as well as a national stadium that had a rock concert going on. These violent incidents resulted in 130 deaths when all was said and done.

Despite this bad news and the horrible circumstance for Paris, Travel Week reported that as the year progressed, things seemed to be getting better when it came to tourism. The committee’s report indicated as 2016 came to a close, officials saw an increase in hotel reservations.

Here’s hoping Paris can continue this momentum and see a rise in tourism and tourism-related revenues as 2017 unfolds. With many incredible attractions located within the city, including the Eiffel Tower, there are many good reasons to visit this metropolis that is so rich in history, culture, and incredible culinary options.