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Paris Gets First Nudist Restaurant

Dorathy Gass

Nudists rejoice! France is known for its easy-going attitude when it comes to nudists; with pools, campsites, and beaches all across the country that cater to those who love going au natural.

Now, they can boast about something else, with a nudist restaurant recently opening up in Paris, where guests can enjoy a fine meal without no dress code. Literally, the restaurant is called, O’naturel (surprise, surprise) and recently opened the night after a private dinner party was held by the Paris Naturist Association (PNA). reported that managers Stephanie and Mike, of O’naturel, relayed that the organization has supported their establishment from the beginning and felt it only appropriate that the association be the first official soiree for the restaurant. The duo also stated that the PNA members were happy with the experience the restaurant brought.

Even better than getting approval by the official nudies of Paris, locals around the neighbourhood seem fine with the restaurant that is located at rue de Gravelle in the 12th arrondissement. In fact, a man recently told a newspaper that the restaurant doesn’t’ bother him or his neighbours in the least. He went on to say that you can’t see anything from the street and that the community knows what the establishment is all about.

The restaurant seats about 40 and offers meals with prices at approximately €30 (£26). Visitors are requested to leave all their clothing items in a wardrobe before coming into the restaurant.

But, does the restaurant have a genuine nudist market in Paris to thrive or make a profit? Time will tell; however, this statistic may offer some insight: approximately 2.6 million individuals living in France adhere to the nudist ideal. Additional, Paris currently has a public pool that offers nudist swimming three times a week and has about 460 nudist campsites across the area.