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Otter Hysteria! Sea Animals Run Loose On Changi Tarmac

Dorathy Gass

Seems more like a Disney animated flick then reality, but a group of otters were recently spotted running around the Singapore Changi Airport’s tarmac and close to some airplanes.

Travelweek reported that the otters were seen via surveillance cameras running a muck across the tarmac, seemingly looking as if they were desperately trying to catch a flight they were late for. In reality, the sweet little family of sea animals were more than likely scoping out the area for the best place to sleep or roaming around looking for food. Either way, they were clearly far from home.
The good news is, no flight delays were experienced due to the otters and the animal family was quickly escorted off tarmac by employees of the airport and promptly taken to Changi Beach, which is close by. This area provides the perfect habitat for the animal family to settle in to, find food and shelter, and safely breed.

A Changi Airport representative relayed in a statement that in addition to wildlife patrols, their surveillance system is set in place to detect debris, foreign objects, as well as any wildlife close by. The spokesperson went on to say that a top priority of the airport is safety, and should any animals be seen on the tarmac, flights arrivals and departures would be stopped temporarily so that a safety team could attend to the situation right away. It’s clearly an issue to ensure that the flights arrive and depart safely, as well as ensuring that the wildlife isn’t harmed in any way.

All’s well that ends well, and here’s hoping that this famous YouTube otter family has now settled into a new home at Changi Beach. Still, if we are going with the Disney movie mentality, they just might be launched on another adventure to save a friend or family member.
Who knows, right?