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Orlando Hits Record-Breaking Numbers For Tourism In 2017

Dorathy Gass

With attractions like SeaWorld, Disney, and Universal – not to mention Orlando’s warm weather and sunshine – it’s no surprise that this Floridian city had over 70 million tourist visits last year, which broke a record for 2017.

In fact, Orlando tourism officials recently announced that in 2017, they had 72 million people come to the city, an increase of five percent from 2016. With these figures, Orlando retained it’s ‘most-visited destination in America’ title for the year.

The tourism group Visit Orlando revealed the big news during a special celebration that had over 1,000 community and tourism leaders in attendance.

As George Aguel, Visit Orlando President and CEO announced, despite Hurricane Irma and international headwinds, the city was still able to hit these record-breaking tourism numbers.

Travelweek that Visit Orlando’s marketing efforts, new consumer experiences, and the fact that the group continued to target an emotional connection to tourists, helped with setting this record.

In fact, including the record-breaking visits to the city, Orlando also hit a vast number of new record-breaking milestones last year, which included:
Record-breaking figures around American visitors.

Convention presence, with the Orange County Convention Center hosting 1.53 million individuals, which is up by five percent from the previous number.

Airline arrivals, with Orlando International Airport being crowned the busiest Florida airport at a record-breaking 44.6 million flyers. This is up by 6.4 percent from the last figure.

Close to 66 tourists in 2017 were from the U.S., with the other six million visitors from cities worldwide. Overall, international travel had increased in the U.S. last year.

And, all these number’s increased, despite the fact that Orlando’s three top theme park attractions in SeaWorld, Disney World, and Universal Orlando Resort were closed in September due to Hurricane Irma, as well as the city’s airports.

Congratulations, Orlando!