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Oklahoma Mom Gets Body Shamed On Flight

Dorathy Gass

An Oklahoma woman, mom of two and nurse, recently was a victim of body shaming on a Chicago flight. Savannah Phillips watched in horror as a man sitting began texting someone about the ‘smelly fatty’ he was sitting next to and how he was going to be sick. reported that Phillips began crying, as per her Facebook post relayed that she often feels like her size does bother other people. As she noted on social media, she’s not the biggest individual on the flight; however, she’s also not the smallest. She added that one of her biggest nightmares is around her making someone feel uncomfortable because they are next to her. When she saw the man’s text, it was like a confirmation of all the terrible things she’s ever thought of herself.

As the man had used larger fonts and his phone was on high screen brightness, a man sitting behind the two, Chase Irwin, also saw the text and did something about it.

Chase also saw the women crying and took action; watching Phillip’s upset like this hit him hard. So, he simply came to her rescue.

Irwin’s tapped the man on the shoulder and told him they were switching seats. When the mean-spirited texter asked ‘why’, Irwin told him that it was because he was heartless and the he read his texts, and the women next to him saw them as well. Irwin added that the man needed to take others’ feelings into consideration.

The switch was made, and the rest of the flight went well with Irwin and Phillips giving each other a hug and talking about their families.

Phillips stated that Irwin told her not to let it all get to her, and she also noted that she felt happy and blessed he was there. She also hopes his act of kindness sets a good example to what others should do if they are in the same type of situation.