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‘Nudism’ The Cause Behind Corsica Beach Shooting

Dorathy Gass

Not exactly sure what is going on in the world today, but shootings seem to be the new norm as of late and have flooded the travel news sections of publications. Still, a recent shootout on a popular French island beach revolved around a disagreement from a local business and those naturalists who frequent the Corsica beach. As per local police, a woman was sadly injured recently due to an incident which resulted in the fleeing of about a dozen nudist who were sunbathing at a Carataggio beach lose to Porto-Vecchio, thanks to a gun being pulled out.

MSN advises that as per witness reports, the males suspect, and owner of a local business, laid threats to the group, in hopes that they would ‘cover up’ and get dressed.

The group refused to do so, and the man (allegedly) revealed a rifle and began shooting.
According to reports, the woman who was injured was in her thirties. It is being said that she was trying to run from the man with gun and got shot in the thigh.

While the name of the suspect in the shooting has not been revealed, police have indicated that said man owns a café beachside. There had been another man who was linked to the shooting and was questioned, but has been released since.

While the beach is quite famous and popular for those who want to reveal all, it is important to note that it is not a site officially deemed for naturists. It has also been reported that locals have complained in the past regarding nudists being there.

While these facts due shed light on why a confrontation would occur, violence and gun involvement is not tolerable in any situation. Sadly, the world, as it seems, has turned to both measures when it comes to any disagreement. Something needs to be done to stop gun violence as it certainly is not close to helping with any solution during a conflict.