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Now is the Time to Save Big Booking Your 2015 Spring Break Trip

Jaclyn Hughes

Hard to imagine sunshine and beaches when it’s only January, but most people that score a great deal on their spring break voyages do so by booking them now. ABC News details how to get the biggest bang for your buck this Spring Break. If anything, let the frosty temperatures of the winter season tempt you into craving long nights by the shore and sun kissed skin. There are several tips from pros that must try this year to snag a sweet buy on some much needed relaxation time!

  • Don’t fall for the seven day stretch as a necessity for reserving travel, as there are amazing rates for endless three and five day trips all over the globe. Flights for instance are a total financial buzzkill if you plan on taking off over the weekend days or during a Monday; these are peak travel times for airlines and they know they can get away with inflated flight fares. Try using low fare calendars if you have a flexible travel schedule, or always look at Tuesday or Wednesdays as they consistently seem to have significantly lower airfare prices.
  • Speaking of flights, if you aren’t jet setting for a work function that is time sensitive, then why the need to book a nonstop route? Of course only having to board one plane it’s easy enough, but heading on spring break and making a quick pit stop in another city for an hour isn’t going to infringe on your margarita time. It will however, potentially save you hundreds on your airfare!
  • No one ever said your spring break has to consist of sand only; in fact many are traveling to snowy destinations to get their final skiing done before the season is over. Look into a quiet snow filled weekend at a cold city other than the obvious big players such as Aspen which is rather pricey. Instead, try out the east coast snow places like Seven Springs which is just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania or hit the slopes in Vermont for some real wilderness fun.
  • Don’t be fooled by the common beach advertisements; you may be surprised to learn there are numerous other beaches open for booking just a stone’s throw from the beach hotspots for less than half of what you were going to pay. Florida, California, South Carolina, and Virginia all have small scale beaches just a few miles from the popular tourist stretches of beaches that are nearly identical in appearance, but dirt cheap to visit.
  • Pack up the kiddos and head off to Disney! No really, you can create Disney trips for your children that are roughly the same as what you might pay just to hit up some amusement parks locally for a few days, or visit a beach for a week. To save the most, opt to head to the Disneyland in California. Depending on where you reside geographically speaking, the flight itself may cost more for the mileage, but in the end the hotels, and overall cost of the magical adventure is incredibly lower than heading to the Florida mecca.