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Where To Next Barack? Obama’s Travel Plans

Dorathy Gass

Since former U.S. President Barack Obama has left his post, he’s been a travel machine: sailing on yachts, water skiing, and vacationing at a Polynesian hideout owned by Marlon Brando.
Where’s he headed next? As per Travel + Leisure, Barack is on his way to a villa in Borgo Finocchieto, recently renovated by John Phillips, a former U.S. ambassador under his administration in Italy.

The luxurious 22-room villa has a ballroom, formal dining room, a wine-tasting cellar, professional teaching kitchen, as well as a library. Turns out his wife Michelle, will be coming along for the vacay as well. Still, it is being reported that Obama isn’t in Italy for just pleasure. He landed in Milan recently for the Seed & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit to speak to a sold-out audience. The former POTUS made close to $3 million solely from ticket sales.

Within his speech at the event, Obama relayed that over his White House tenure his administration was able to significantly increase the clean energy of this generation. He went on to note that his office curtailed the use of dirty energy dramatically and made energy-efficiency investments across the platform. Obama also noted that his team assisted to lead the globe when it came to the first major worldwide agreement for low-carbon in Paris. Yet he also stated that even if each nation placed the brakes when it came to emission today, there would still be an impact on the earth for years following.

MSN reported that despite his travel it is clear that Obama is still quite busy with work. He recently stated that he had plans rolled out for a Chicago presidential center. This will garner 1,500 jobs to the region over a four-year completion plan. Other activities the Obamas are partaking in, include a $2 million donation from Michelle and himself towards summer job programs for youth within the area.