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New Titanic-Inspired Theme Park Set For Dubai

Dorathy Gass

For all those who loved the romantic, and action-packed 1997 James Cameron flick about the largest ship ever built, its tragic demise, and the love story that developed between two passengers … we have some good news. It seems that your heart will go on, in the form of a new theme park. Al Ahli Holding Group, in partnership with 20th Century Fox is planning on building a park within Dubai that will celebrate and honor popular movies and television shows, including The Titanic.

The best part is, you can get your DiCaprio fill, and feel like the king of the world in one big shot. According to Jeffrey Godsick, a representative from Fox’s Consumer Products, the team is currently working on creating an interactive attraction where motion stimulators will be placed within a theatre for audiences to fully get the experience of being on the Titanic. Hopefully it will provide the feeling of riding on the ship; and not the feeling of sinking.

In addition to the movie Titanic, the theme park will also have attractions and rides that center around ‘The Simpsons’, ‘Aliens’, ‘Ice Age’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, and ‘Ice Age’ … just to name a few. Named 20th Century Fox World, Dubai’s theme park will undoubtedly provide endless fun, activities, and thrills for all those who visit.
The best part is, if you feel you actually do want to let go of the entire Titanic idea and theme park experience, you can head over to an indoor ski resort nearby, with over 22,000 square meters of skiing slope fun; that won’t leave you with half the chill of those icy waters poor Rose and Jack experienced.

MSN reports that the park is set to open in 2018, plenty of time for you, your family, and loved ones to save up, and visit this unique Dubai theme park. A must-see attraction for any film and T.V. buff.