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New Terminal In Cancun Will Make It 2nd Busiest Airport In Mexico

Dorathy Gass

Good news for the Cancun International Airport and travelers who head to that part of Mexico annually! The airport has built a new terminal which will make the airport the second busiest in Mexico. It is being estimated that approximately 31 million travelers will pass through the terminal each year.

That’s a whole lot of visitors to Cancun!

Still, it’s not surprising that a terminal was added to the airport. Cancun hits the travel list of many looking to head to an all-inclusive beach resort and escape reality (and work) for a week or two. It’s also a very popular area for lovebirds and those who are interested in destination weddings. The area also has plenty of family-friendly resorts.

Government officials released a statement about the new addition to the airport, informing that Cancun International’s Terminal 4 will have 18 gates and enhance the yearly capacity of the airport by around nine million travelers. The new terminal cost over three billion pesos to build.

Cancun’s new Terminal 4 increases the footprint of the airport by around 37% and it covers over 700,000 square feet/67,000 square meters in total.

Travelweek reported that the city recently held an inaugural event where the terminal was officially opened. Mexico’s President, Enrique Pena Nieto was at the ceremony which took place at the international airport. As per government officials, Mexico’s number one destination when it comes to international travelers is Cancun; the country hits the number two spot for domestic tourists as well.
As mentioned, the terminal will now mean that the Cancun International airport becomes the second most-travelled airport within Mexico.

But, which airport is beating them out of the top spot?

As it seems, Benito Juarez in Mexico City is the busiest airport in Mexico. According to reports the airport saw over 41 million travelers pass through in 2016.