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The New DUFL App Packs Your Bags For Your Next Trip

Jaclyn Hughes

Ask any parent what their worst nightmare is when considering travelling with their little ones; it’s either flying to their destination on the plane for hours hoping their kid isn’t the one screaming the whole way, or packing everyone’s belongings. Both are enough to give anyone anxiety, but there is a company looking out for parents and anyone that despises packing for travel; meet “DUFL” who is committed to change the way you travel.

CNN reported that DUFL has a goal to make packing your suitcase a thing of the past; from the ironing, to the shipping, they want to handle it all. Their services are currently only open in the United States, but they plan on expanding to Canada, the EU, and Asia by next year. Owner of DUFL, Bill Rinehart, was eager to provide these services to others following his own overseas trips. Bill had an experience where he was traveling from the UK to Arizona and wasn’t pleased at the mere thought of trying to unpack and dry clean all of his belongings to be back on schedule for work that Monday; which is a rather common annoyance for anyone that travels frequently for business.

For those inquisitive about all of the “what ifs?” – here is the scoop:

  • You begin by downloading the app DUFL.
  • DUFL sends you a suitcase with all of the clothing and supplies you may wish to have with you on future trips.
  • Once you schedule your pickup, the items are taken to a facility where they take photos of your items, clean them, and store them.
  • Once you are ready for your next trip, you are able to pack simply by using the app selecting which clothes you wish to take, and supplies, and so forth. You can even specify which items you want to have with you at your destination on a certain date, which is pretty fancy.
  • What are the costs? It’s going to cost you $9.95 monthly for storing your goods, then $99 per round trip using the DUFL services.

If this sounds like a feature you need in your life, check out or the app to get more details.