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New Bookstore In Brooklyn All The Buzz

Dorathy Gass

A fun new attraction is set to hit Brooklyn this spring and it may not sound buzz-worthy, but it is sure creating a stir.

Books Are Magic is the name of the store and it is being opened up by novelist Emma Straub. The store is touting its indie creds and is said to already a fan base that is anticipating its opening in the area; many, many resident writers, of course!

As Straub puts it, when she travels, she loves to visit bookstores, whether she is in Nashville, LA, or Seattle. Her hope is that the store will land on the itinerary of those visiting the area, to get a true feel of what locals do in and around Brooklyn. Writing and writers are in abundance in this area, so a bookstore certainly seems like a natural fit. While attracting tourists is great, Straub also added that after BookCourt, local indie bookseller, closed in late 2016, she understood that she, as well as everyone in the area, needed a bookstore they could walk to as well.

CNN reported that for 35 years, BookCourt sat near Court Street, and it was not only a place Straub headed to for fun, but she also worked part-time in the store for about four years. While she fantasized about taking over the store for years, when the owners decided to retire, she knew the time was now. However, she and hubby decided to move forward with a second venue, rather than take BookCourt over, after she fell in love with another space.

While the concept of launching an indie bookstore in NYC might sound crazy, with big-box bookstores on every corner in the city, Straub admits she may be a little scared about the venture, but, as she puts it, “why not be a little crazy?”

The store is set to open on Monday May 1st, and the team at Books Are Magic plan to prioritize local writers as part of their business. As Straub puts it, the idea is to celebrate local talent. The store plans to have a sheet at the register that encourages Brooklyn’s writers to sign up, so that the bookstore can ensure to support local writers by carrying their books.