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New 300-Mile Hiking Trail Slated For Northern California Coast

Dorathy Gass

For all you travelers out there that love hitting the hiking trails, you may want to read on. Old and crumbling sections of the Northwest Pacific Railway very well could be updated into a 300-mile hiking trail for visitors to take in the sites of California’s Redwood Forests, remote rivers, and canyons. The trail is slated as the Great Redwood Trail … coming soon.

According to reports, the hiking trail shall run throughout Humboldt to San Francisco, taking visitors through the awe-inspiring beauty of the California Wine Country region.

Proposed by California State Senator Mike McGuire, the bill was voted on 62-3 and passed recent, on August 30th, by the State Assembly. The next step for the bill before the project gets underway is approval by the governor’s office.

If the bill does get approved, it will take some time before things get rolling. The cost of the Great Redwood Trail is estimated at $1 billion dollars, and it needs to run parallel to the tracks, rather than ‘through’ them, as the railroad is currently still running.

Still, Travelpulse reported as per McGuire, the added trail would benefit the local economy, tourists, as well as residents.

Over ten years ago, Northwestern Pacific Company purchased a long-term contract from North Coast Railroad Authority. McGuire’s proposed bill would offer Sonoma Marin Area Rail Transit negotiation abilities into taking this contract over.

McGuire stated recently that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done and the first step is resolving the tremendous financial debt racked up North Coast Railroad Authority over the years.

While the future of the trail is unknown for now, here’s hoping the state moves forward with a decision to construct the trail and share the beauty of the northern California coast with the entire world.