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Nepal’s Tourism Back On

Dorathy Gass

It seems there may be some good news in store for Nepal. After the country has slowly tried to re-build in the wake of the earthquakes that hit this past spring; Nepal has finally been given the ‘okay’ to once again open their doors to the world, and officially has received clearance to welcome back tourists, including the Mt. Everest area.
Funded by the UK government, the structural engineering company Miaymoto recently surveyed Nepal’s infrastructure and determined the country was safe to open its tourism doors once again. It seems that the Napalese government, who are hoping that tourism dollars can boost the economy, is happy – however not everyone is pleased about the tourism news.

As owner of the Royal Mountain Travel touring company Shiva Dhakal noted to The Guardian, there is a huge issue with travel insurance right now; as U.K. tourists are fearful of heading to Nepal. Concern around the limited amount of time it took for the survey to complete, and its methods; have some questioning Miyamoto’s thoroughness.
However, some are just as excited as the Napalese government when it comes to getting Nepal’s tourism back on track. American-based tour company Tauck has happily stated that their fall visits are now back on track.

Tauck’s communications spokesperson Tom Armstrong told the Condé Nast Traveler that he is confident about touring the country, as his own partners have already placed their stamp of approval on the areas Tauck will be visiting.
While Tauck’s tour includes various activities, including a stop through Bhaktapur, a village rich in Nepal’s history; it will not include one of the country’s more risk-taking excursions, mountain climbing. As Armstrong notes, the intention of the tour through Nepal is not for adventure, rather, for travelers to gain a great insight on the country’s history.

MSN advises that Miyamoto has another survey report coming out in the next week or so, which is being paid for by the World Bank. Experts are anticipating it will also report that Nepal is ready to open its doors to tourism, once again.