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Need Packing Advice? Julianne Hough Has Some A Tip!

Dorathy Gass

Dancing With The Stars Julianne Hough and hubby Brooks Laich both love to travel, and thankfully are the same page when it comes to vacations; the twosome is always looking for a holiday filled with adventure and activity.

Julianne’s passion around heading to places unknown for some fun and frolic seems to make sense, considering her new job as Marriott Rewards Premiere Plus Credit Card spokesperson. She recently relayed in an interview that when it comes to the airport, she’s a last-minute kind of traveler, which tends to frustrate the hubby.

Still, Travel and Leisure reported that while she may lack a little prep when it comes to getting to airport, she more than makes up for this in the packing department; where everything is meticulously done and there is no such thing as spontaneity – especially for vacationing outfits.

Julianne’s trick? Taking a picture of a really great outfit, so it’s on her camera roll. This enables her to have a quick and easy ‘lookbook’ when she’s packing for a specific trip; a packing tip that her hubby now does as well.

Since packing is a breeze for these two, what’s next on their travel agenda? The couple has a top three list for their next holiday destinations, which include: checking out wild gorillas in either Rwanda or Congo, the pyramids of Giza, or heading to the Carnival in Brazil.

And it’s all about experience versus destination spots. As Hough puts it, it’s more about what the two of them are going to do, rather than where they are going to go.

The couple is on the cusp of their one-year anniversary and while they do know they want to travel somewhere to celebrate it, they aren’t sure exactly where as of yet.

One thing is for sure, they are sure to have a blast together wherever they end up.