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NASA Working on Supersonic Jet Travel Aimed at Commercial Flights

Nora Hughes

Travel season is upon us with summer on the brink, and millions will be flocking to their travel agents or getting online to book something spectacular for their summer holidays. Companies such as Southwest have opened the doors for many to be able to afford taking family vacations or fly domestically around the states whilst still staying within their budgets, but it can still be just too much to bear for millions. Do these folks just never obtain the ability to experience the good life and take a pause from their busy schedules, or what does the future hold for them? Maybe not, if NASA has anything to do with it.

NASA isn’t only for shooting into outer space anymore, as the agency has been working on a commercial flight project. Since back in 2006 the company has been looking into supersonic flying and the effects of turbulence. Quartz recently reported that MIT is involved by investigating the models that were once created for NASA decades ago in the 1980’s. Some of the more modern fighter jets are built for speed and with that, their environmental footprint isn’t too worrisome. If their plans for a supersonic flight come to fruition, the jets will require burning more fuel to travel to higher altitudes, but for a much shorter amount of time.

NASA has some concerns about the possibility of this new means of potential travel, as the jets could be traveling so high that they could have the ability to cause damages to the ozone, which is not in anyone’s interest. They have some $6 million to continue their research and hopefully come to a conclusive decision if supersonic jet commercial flights are the wave of the future or not. There are currently over 7,000 airplanes traveling through the sky at just about any point during the day. Cutting down on that overpopulated airspace would be something to sing about, but we shall see in the next few months if NASA has a great method of travel in the works for the general public to enjoy.