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‘Must Haves’ For Traveling With Children

Dorathy Gass

Whether flying, travelling by bus, train, or car; vacationing with children can be an interesting, yet challenging adventure. Kids thrive on routine, schedules, and love being surrounded by familiar things. So if you are planning on rustling them up, and travelling for any extended period of time: be sure you pack specific items that offer them that comforting feeling of home. Here’s a list of the top five ‘must haves’ to carry with you, while travelling with children.

  1. Snacks: This is a must, especially if you have a picky eater in your household. Packing a variety of snacks they love while travelling will help keep them occupied, and fed. A hungry child can be a grumpy child; and crankiness will only make your travel experience seem longer than it is. It’s important to note that if you are flying, you might be limited to what you can bring into the airport terminal, so ensure you do research before you head out.
  1. First aid: Kids are entirely unpredictable by nature. Make sure you have a small first aid kit handy filled with children’s bandages, antiseptic, and gauze – just in case your little one suffers a minor fall. As children can get sick anywhere and anytime, it’s a good idea to also pack a fever-reducer and pain relief medicine like children’s acetaminophen or ibuprofen.
  1. Activities: This might be for the actual travel part of the trip versus the vacation. Some crayons, coloring pages, puzzles, or even some books can keep your child busy during the tedious act of getting from point A to point B. There’s also no shame in turning to electronic devices and tablets to keep them occupied during travel, or other activities during your vacation. If you are travelling out of your roaming area, make sure to contact your provider about international roaming packages on mobile devices, to avoid lofty roaming charges.
  1. Clothes: Packing extra comfy clothes, pajamas, socks, and undergarments are always a must – especially when travelling with younger children. While its vacation to us adults, being in different surroundings can sometimes be a stressful situation for children, and accidents can happen. On the safe side, it is sometimes better to over pack for kids, than leave things behind. Also ensure to pack some of their favorite clothes and outfits’, and engage them in the packing process! This will not only help you figure out what to pack for them, but it will get them excited about the trip as well.
  1. Bedtime buddy: Some kids have a favorite toy, blanket or even pillow that is a source of comfort when it comes to their bedtime routine. As travelling can unravel a child’s schedule as it is, bringing along Mr. Bear will only help them ease into sleep while on vacation. If reading a story is part of the bedtime ritual, make sure to pack some of their favorite books along. Keeping to some sort of routine will not only help them get a good night’s rest while away, it will help them ease back into their schedule once they are home.