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Musk’s Plan: One-Hour Flights, Anywhere In The World

Dorathy Gass

SpaceX and Tesla’s head honcho, Elon Musk recently revealed plans for a city on Mars, but he’s not stopping there. He also took the time to unveil ideas around the rockets that could get people to Mars; one that will also be used for travel on Earth.

The Huffington Post revealed that the contraption is called ‘BFR’ and could be used to fly at speeds hitting 17,000 miles per hour. The idea behind this flying machine is that it has the potential to reach anywhere around the world within one hour. In fact, Musk stated that a majority of the trips would be less than half an hour, something he relayed while making a presentation at Australia’s International Astronautical Congress.

Musk would later post something on Instagram, after the event took place, stating that he ‘forgot’ to say that the seating cost would be about the same as flying economy on an airplane.
A flight to Los Angeles from New York, which now takes around five to six hours, would only be a 25-minute flight, via Musk’s contraption. Shanghai from New York, which currently takes 15 hours to fly, would simply be a 39-minute flight.

SpaceX released an animation, offering the public an insight on how the rockets would arrive and leave offshore platforms, on the outskirts of cities. Early on in his presentation, Musk stated that these trips to Mars via BFR could occupy around 100 individuals. Still, he also stated that the cabins of the BFRs had an Airbus A380’s capacity, which can currently hold over 850 people.

So, much like many of us, you must be wondering where the line up is to purchase a ticket that could demolish any worry of travel time busting into your vacation or business trip. The good news about all this is that plans are in the works. The not-so-good news? Elon did not offer a time of when this travel flying machine will be ready and available.