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How Much Did The British Royals Spend On Travel This Year?

Dorathy Gass

Traveling can be a stressful part of any trip, whether that be for business or pleasure. Still, can you imagine the extravagance of traveling as a member within the British Royal family does? While they do have the luxury of touring around the globe in private jets, much like the everyday traveler, there is some stress involved when they take their trips as well.

Readers Digest advised that security is one major concern and always on the to-do list when the British Royals travel, although one thing they don’t have to worry about is ensuring they have a passport with them when they trot around the world.

Still, when looking at the costs around the Royals and their travel, the number is quite lofty. As per a report regarding the price tag of the family’s travelling, it seems the taxpayers of the United Kingdom anted up close to six million dollars in 2016-2017. That’s 4.5 million pounds! The budget for these travels have increased by about $664,000 (that’s 500,000 in pounds) from the prior year. Still, it’s important to note, taxpayers only cover trips that related to official Royal business and nothing as it relates to pleasure or vacationing.

With that detail placed aside, the highest costing trip for the year when it came to the Royals was when Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla visited Austria, Romania, and Italy for nine days this past March and April. The total cost was $204,000 – 154,000 in pounds.

While Charles and Camilla’s trip ran into the Royals’ travel spending budget upward, the Queen’s security team might also be dipping into the travel funds as well. Queen Elizabeth is noted as having the biggest travelling entourage when it comes to the family. She has about 34 security people who accompany her on the differing trips she takes throughout the year.
Is anyone really surprised?