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Marriott Launches Mobile App For Rewards Members

Dorathy Gass

Marriott International recently launched a versatile mobile app to offer a personalized customer experience for their frequent travelers who are part of their Marriott Rewards program. The app was created via guest feedback and research. Referred to as the Marriott Mobile app, it is currently offered in five languages for iOS applications and will be available on Android systems soon.

The mobile app will offer Marriott visitors more and new digital features, including: travel content that is customized, an easy-to-use (one button) navigation system, as well as a new feature that includes swipe-capabilities around the home screen discovery. The app will show features and content based on what members require during each moment of travel, whether they are: planning a trip, on route to a destination, or at their hotel.

As the company’s senior VP, George Corbin points out, smartphones and devices are currently an essential travel tool that more travelers are using when they require their needs to be fulfilled. He goes on to state that the company is using mobile tools to revolutionize and introduce the next generation of customer service to guest all over the globe. He added that the re-launched app will offer a more personalized experience for travelers.

As per Google, over 50% of those who own smartphones use these gadgets when it comes to travel activities, where 75% of individuals have a minimum of one travel app downloaded on their mobile. Therefore, this is a huge opportunity for the company to reach clients on platforms where they are engaged in.

In 2014, Marriott was the first hotel brad to provide a check-in/check-out service and room-ready alerts via mobile apps. This new app will be easier to navigate and have much more power than the one before. A fine example of this would be the fact that, where once members could use the app to check in, they now will be able to request upgrades in their rooms, and receive an alert when the request has been fulfilled … all before they reach the hotel. Members can also organize a late check in via their mobile (versus having to go to the front desk). Users can also message hotels staff before they reach their room, during their stay, and after they leave: using the mobile app for any additional requests that may need special attention. With a flip of a drop-down menu on the app, guests can ask for additional amenities like more pillows or extra towels. Members can also use the app to skip the front desk check-in and simply go to their room; their smartphone will now have the capabilities to open their hotel room door for quick and easy access (and relaxation).

So many options, so much choice, and it is all offered on a traveler’s hand-held device … for Apple users that is. The Marriott Mobile app is currently available on iOS via the Apple App Store in German, Chinese, Spanish, French, and of course, English. After this year, Android users will be able to access the it via Google Play.